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the little merman
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Jimmy Page, Detroit 1975, by Michael Brennan

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R.I.P Malcolm Mitchell Young (6 January 1953 – 18 November 2017) 
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Zakk Wylde
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Zakk Wylde

Ben Dahlhaus  

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Michał Szpak
Michał Szpak
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My hair is so damn versatile these days.

can I add one…

Please add more….

don’t play cuz i got y’all @ithotyouknew2 @femmebosskoopa

I am…so grateful for the person that you are

please add some more

ok because you don’t even have to ask twice

thank you. bless you. please do keep on adding more to this post when you feel like it, you are glorious

I’m putting this person in my blessing jar. I will pray for you nightly. You're beautiful.

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